Triplane Fokker by Artesania Latina




Triplane Fokker Dr. I – Red Baron

Within the Art&Kids Collection you will find a wide catalog of historic wooden models, ideal for introducing the children into wood model building and awakening their creativity and ingenuity. With the wooden triplane model from the World War I, the Red Baron’s plane Fokker Dr. I, children over 8 years old and adults get high levels of fun: easy assembly, high quality materials, moving parts, stickers, glues and safe paints for the kids, DVD instructions… Share your passion! This scale model has 43 parts and when it is finished the German fighter is 6.7’’ (170 mm) length. The ultimate building game for kids!

Construction toys for kids develop their intellects. The wooden plane model Fokker Dr. I belongs to a building toys collection, the perfect gifts for 8 year old boys and girls: Art&Kids Collection. These models will make children not only enjoy building, painting and decorating with the elements included in this modeling kit (paintings, stickers, glue…), but also share with their parents and elders a playful activity. In addition, every toy construction set has moving parts (wheels, propellers or decorative elements) to have fun playing with their own creation.

The content of this modeling kit for kids has the highest quality, with laser-cut board parts, so that the forms of the model are realistic and the assembly easier and enjoyable. Adult supervision is recommended to remove parts from the board. We advise you firstly to paint the parts -if you want to mix the colors and get new shades- and then assemble them. It’s the plane you’ve always wanted, and now your children can enjoy it at home… With you too!


• Wooden modeling kit for boys and girls over 8 years old.

• 43 parts and 6.70’’ (19 cms) length.

• Easy to assemble, paint and decorate.

• DVD with step-by-step instructions for easier assembly. Pre-cut wooden parts.

• With moving parts, stickers and water white glue special for children.

• Includes brush and a pack of 6 acrylic water paints. The paint easily comes out of the skin and clothes, designed for our little ones.

• Sandpaper.


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Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina