The entry level ship model combos listed below have started a lot of our customers in the wonderful hobby of wood ship modeling. These model ship kits are complete in every way, with tools, paints, brushes and glue. The only additional items one will need for the plank-on-bulkhead kit are sandpaper and regular wood glue.

We recommend Weldwood Glue, available in any hardware or building supply outlet. We supply 1/2oz. of Super Jet CA type with the kits.

NOTE: If the description of a kit does not mention the baseboard and pedestals, they are not included.All plank-on-bulkhead entry level combos for the models pictured below contain the following items.

  1. Model Kit
  2. Deluxe Hobby and Craft Tool Kit
  3. Ship Modeling Simplified
  4. Planking Techniques
  5. Electric Plank Bender
  6. Appropriate Paint Set for Model
  7. Set of 5 Brushes
  8. 1/2 oz. of E-Z Bond medium glue

For those of you who prefer solid hull kits, we have some more combos listed. Those all include the following items.

  • Model Kit
  • Beginners Tool Set
  • 1/2 oz. of E-Z Bond medium glue
  • Ship Modeling Simplified
  • Appropriate paint set
  • NOTE:
    • 3 Color Paint set & 1 Paint Brush (Included in Constructo Kits)
    • Regular Paint set and 6 Brush set with others
    • Constructo J.S. Elcano also has second and different tool set included.