Our specialty is Historic Wood Ship Model kits, books, model tools and supplies. Lines available include – – model ship kits by Amati, Artesania Latina, BlueJacket, Constructo, Corel, Mantua, Mantua/Panart, Mantua/Sergal, OCCRE, and Seaworthy Small Ships

Model Ship Kits, Wooden Ship Model kits

  • Entry Level Model Ship Kits

    Entry Level Model Ship Kits (213)

    Building entry level model ship kits is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows individuals to create miniature replicas of historical ships. These kits are perfect for beginners as they provide step-by-step instructions and all the necessary materials to complete the project. The first step in building an entry level model ship kit is to carefully read and understand the…
  • Intermediate

    Intermediate (30)

    Intermediate Level Model Ships Kits
  • Advanced

    Advanced (21)

    Advanced Model Ship Building Kits
  • Plastic Hull

    Plastic Hull (35)

    Plastic hull ship kits
  • Radio Controlled

    Radio Controlled (181)

    Radio controlled model ships and model boat kits are popular hobbies for many enthusiasts. These miniature vessels are built to scale and are controlled remotely using radio frequencies. The process of building a radio controlled model ship or boat is a challenging yet rewarding experience. To begin with, the model builder needs to gather all the necessary tools and materials…
  • Single Planked Hull

    Single Planked Hull (182)

    Single planked hull ship kits.
  • Double Planked Hull

    Double Planked Hull (87)

    Double planked hull ship kits
  • Kid Kits & Fun Stuff

    Kid Kits & Fun Stuff (47)

    Kid Kits & Fun Stuff
  • Resin/ Multimedia

    Resin/ Multimedia (28)

    Resin/ Multimedia ship kits
  • Solid Hull Kits

    Solid Hull Kits (60)

    The process of building a Solid Hull Kits can be both challenging and rewarding. It requires patience, attention to detail, and the use of various tools, glue, plans, and materials. The first step in building a solid hull model ship is to carefully study the plans included in the kit. These plans will serve as a guide throughout the building…
  • Aircraft Model Kits

    Aircraft Model Kits (33)

    Model aircraft kit building is an incredibly intricate and rewarding hobby that requires patience, attention to detail, and a love for all things aviation. It involves constructing miniature replicas of real-life aircraft using plastic or metal pieces that are carefully crafted and molded to mimic the actual plane. Up until now, we have featured primarily wood ship model kits. However,…
  • Paper and Cardboard

    Paper and Cardboard (72)

    Paper and Cardboard kits
  • Buildings & Transportation

    Buildings & Transportation (150)

    Buildings & Transportation
  • Cutaway Hulls and Sections

    Cutaway Hulls and Sections (6)

    Model ship kits with cutaway hulls and sections offer a fascinating and immersive experience for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. These kits allow individuals to delve into the intricate and complex inner workings of a ship's structure, providing a unique perspective on naval architecture and engineering. The cutaway hulls reveal the hidden layers and compartments within the ship, showcasing the various…
  • Land Transportation

    Land Transportation (35)

    Cars, trains, carriages and tanks. All things ground transport.