Length 23″ / Height 18″ / Scale 1/8″=1′

We’re Here (23 Inch Length)

We’re Here (23 inch length) – Star of the classic film, Captains Courageous – wooden model ship kit by BlueJacket #K1009

Featured in the 1937 movie, based upon Kipling’s timeless classic, starring Spencer Tracy and Freddy Bartholemew. WE’RE HERE depicts a Gloucester fishing schooner, designed to fish for cod on the Grand Banks fishing grounds. She is complete, down to the nested dories on her deck. This handsome, medium sized solid hull model is an excellent choice for the less experienced wooden ship modeler. The comprehensive instructions provide information for the more experienced modeler to add those telling details that mark the work of a creative craftsman.

Solid Hull Construction

Scale: 1/8″ = 1′
Length: 23″

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