Kit No. DU1246
Length: 33 inches
Beam: 4 inches

Scale: 1/128th approx



Akula Kit Description

The Akula is a an easy to assemble sport scale model of a Russian nuclear attack sub. Each kit includes all the necessary running hardware for its single screw drive line. Simply supply a Dumas 2004 6v motor, an electronic speed control, a 7.2v battery pack, and your three channel radio, and you are good to go. Designed for pool use, the Akula contains all the molded plastic parts to bring the model to life. The enhanced building manual will walk you step by step through the successful completion of you model. So dive into the fun with newest Dumas submarine the Akula.

For an in depth building review please click the link below:


Kit No. 1246
Length: 33 inches
Beam: 4 inches

Scale: 1/128th approx.


Additional parts required for R/C (not included in kit)

  • #2004 6v Motor
  • #8302 7.2v NiCad Battery
  • #8314 Electronic Speed Control
  • #8315 NiCad Charger
  • Minimum 3-Channel Radio

Recommended for pool use only.  Dive depth will vary with water conditions.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 6 in