Scotland Entry Level Combo



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Scotland Entry Level Combo

Small ships like the Scotland were used to transport goods and passengers in the Baltic in the mid to late 1700’s. They had pleasing lines and impressive sails which distinguished them from other boats plying the same trade.

This kit is double plank-on-bulkhead in limewood and walnut. The keel, frames and false deck are pre-cut. Masting, blocks, deadeyes and gratings are quality hardwoods. Cannons, ornamentation, carriages anchors, pump and other fittings are cast metal. Cotton sail cloth, three diameters of rigging line, cast metal display stand and nameplate complete the kit. Illustrated instruction manual and plans are included for easy building.

Length 17″ / Height 16 2/3″ / Scale 1:64

Scotland Entry Level Combo Combo Includes:

  1. Model Kit
  2. Deluxe Hobby and Craft Tool Kit
  3. 2 Reference BOoks
  4. Form-A-Strip
  5. Appropriate Paint Set for Model
  6. Set of Brushes
  7. 1/2 oz. medium glue

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