5-1/4″ / Height 17-1/2″ / Scale 1:65

Nina 1:65 Scale

Build the ships that discovered the new world. The Santa Maria, flagship of Columbus was a carrack used for transport. It is reproduced from drawings of the period. All three kits feature plank-on-bulkhead construction with pre-cut frames and keel.

With Amati’s Nina 1:65 Scale kit, fittings are realistically reproduced in cast metal, brass and hardwoods. Sailcloth, rigging line, brightly colored flags and pennants are all supplied. Each ship is armed with machine turned brass cannon – – six for Santa Maria, four for the Pinta, and two for the Nina. Kits are complete with two large sheets of plans with instructions.

Length 15-1/4″ / Height 17-1/2″ / Scale 1:65

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