La Flore French Frigate


Scale: 1:84
L:29.5 in
H:26.33 in
W: 11.25 in


La Flore, French Frigate, wooden ship model kit by Constructo 80843


The ex Flore vestale was built in Brest in 1756 and completed in the Havre in 1757. She participated in the Battle of Quiberon Bay in 1759, known in France as “Bataille des Cardinaux”. In 1761 it is captured by HMS Unicorn English, becoming part of the Royal Navy under the name of HMS Flora. It was sunk by the British in August 1778, when he left Rhode Island, to avoid capture. In 1784, where he was known as the American Flore. Participated in the campaigns of Senegal from 1788 – 1789. On September 7, 1798, he was captured by HMS Phaeton and sold as scrap.

La Flore – Different woods for specific components Prefabricated metal and wood pieces All components classified and sorted for easy location Wooden stand.

La Flore Model Ship Kit includes all wood to build kit, metal and wooden deck fittings, rigging, plan sheets, cloth sails, flag, and full-color instruction manual.

Scale: 1/84
Length: 29.5″
Height 26.4″
Width 11.25″

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 24 × 14 in



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