Zulu ‘Lady Isabella’ (Vanguard Models 1:64)


Part #VM001
Length – 600mm ( 23.6 “)
Width – 100mm ( 3.9″)
Height – 387mm ( 15.2”)
Scale – 1:64

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The Scottish Sailing Zulu ‘Lady Isabella’

Just because a kit is primarily aimed at a beginner, doesn’t mean we want to compromise on the quality of materials included. This kit features premium features, yet is highly prefabricated so that the modeller stands the very best chance of a successful completed build.

Dimensions of completed model are:

  • Length – 600mm ( 23.6 “)
  • Width – 100mm ( 3.9″)
  • Height – 387mm ( 15.2”)

The 1:64th scale kit has been extensively researched with the aid of an expert in this type of vessel, and has been designed to show her as she would have likely looked in the heyday of Scottish herring fishing off the east coast of Scotland. This is a highly authentic model, incorporating details such as the steam winch, fish hatches and companionway, steering unit and full rigging. Rigging, however, is simple and suitable for a beginner.

The kit has the following features:

  • 9 sheets of laser cut materials, including a laser cut and engraved deck
  • 1 photo etched sheet in brass
  • Double planking in limewood and second planking in pear wood
  • Walnut dowel for masts and yards
  • 2 separate rigging thread sizes in black and natural
  • 36-page full colour building manual and 7 sheets of 50x70cm plan sets
  • Clear acrylic cradle on which to display your finished model
  • All other materials and fittings required to build the model as shown.

This is a beginner’s kit with a difference. Designed to be intuitive and very simple to build, but with no compromise on quality of materials. Highly pre-fabricated kit, with double-planked hull, and pear used for second planking. Kit contains MDF, wood, and photo-etc parts. Sails available as an extra.


The Zulu was an innovative hybrid which fused the extreme rake of the sternpost of the ‘Scaffie’ and the near straight stem of the ‘Fifie’. This produced a unique and highly successful class of fore and aft rigged fishing vessels during the last decades of the herring sail fishery.

Tillers gave way to the steering wheel, operated via a worm screw gear system. The sail area was large for the size of vessel, and the Zulu’s could reach 10 knots with little problem, and it is of this pinnacle of Zulu development that the Lady Isabella is based upon.

Interestingly, the Zulu had no standing rigging on its fore and aft masts, instead relying on support entirely upon their sail halyards and a burton stay tackle, set up to windward. This did mean that any failure would have been catastrophic.

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