Length: 58″
Width: 15″
Weight: 7.4 lbs

The William Wallace Swords features a traditional Scottish design. They are expertly crafted by mater sword makers Marto. Made in Spain, these two handed Scottish Swords measure an enormous 52 inches in all.

The beautiful mirror polished blade features an unsharpened edge and measures over 39 inches in length.

The sculpted cross guard, pommel and the fittings have a striking brushed nickel colored finish while the superbly polished blade is intricately crafted of tempered 420-stainless steel. These popular Scottish swords are exact replicas of the sword carried by William Wallace and like those wielded by him in the movie.

These swords feature genuine brown suede wrapping on the handle which adds to the authentic appearance.

This highly decorative sword does not include a scabbard as its beauty makes it better suited for display than use.

Length: 58″ / Width: 15″ / Weight: 7.4 lbs

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