Part #KR22302

Victor steam engine vertical boiler cpl. KRICK steam engines
With the steam engines Alex and Victor we present you a completely new developed series of oscillating steam engines, into which over 20 years of experience in model ship steam engines could flow. The oscillating steam engines in particular have proven their worth for use in ship models. They are characterised by very simple design, operation at low boiler pressure and very low susceptibility to faults. In order to keep the quality standard on a really high level and to give the beginner in the world of steam engines the right product right from the start, these machines are completely assembled and painted. They have been steam tested prior to delivery to ensure performance and durability.
The Victor is the large boiler variant of this steam engine series, which can offer the machine a whole lot more performance. The modern ceramic burner and the boiler construction technology with 8 flue pipes makes this possible. This unit can propel ships up to approx. 15 kg without problems. For Krick steam barges Victoria (KR20261) and Borkum (KR20291), it is the ideal application.


Victor Steam Engine Technical Specifications:

  • drilling 10 mm
  • Stroke 14 mm
  • Length of base plate 225 mm
  • Total width 95 mm
  • Boiler-Ø 87 mm
  • Boiler height 150 mm
  • total height 265 mm
  • Weight 1940 g
  • Shaft-Ø 4 mm
  • Shaft height 12mm

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