SP60 Universal Dual Action Airbrush Kit is ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. This internal mix airbrush with both gravity and syphon feed options is ideal for very fine detail work as well as broader coverage.

Contents:- Nozzle size 0.5m- Preset colour flow control – Interchangeable side feed fluid cups – 7cc metal gravity feed cup- 22cc glass syphon feed bottle – 80cc plastic syphon feed bottle- Caps are interchangeable/ Characteristics:- Dual action internal mix airbrush with gravity & siphon feed options – Excellent for very fine detailing as well as broader coverage/ Internal Mix: A type of airbrush where paint is atomized inside the airbrush.

Double Action A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint. Bottom Feed (Syphon Feed)-A siphon-feed system where paint is drawn up from a reservoir (jar or bottle) mounted underneath the airbrush. Gravity airbrushes have a cup in the top of the body. Less air press

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