Scale: 1:72

Length 16.5″ (420mm)

Width 6.9″ (175mm)

Height 16.5″ (420mm)

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This is a kit for the Tender “Avos”.  On July 1, 1806 in Novo-Arkhangelsk in Alaska (now Sitka, USA) a firstborn ship of the Russian-American Company’s trading fleet was triumphantly launched.  It was an 8-cannon tender.  The Russian Ambassador Nicolay Ryazanov named the ship ‘Avos’.  On July 27, 1806, the Tender ‘Avos’ departed on a secret expedition to establish the interests of the Russian Empire in the waters around the Southern Kuril Islands and the Sakhalin.  The ship was commanded by the 22 year old warrent officer Gavrila Davidov and crewed by 12 local craftsmen.

This kit includes:

  • All hull planking and details are laser cut
  • Double planking
  • Marked bevel on frames
  • A special hull design that compensates the materials’ deformation
  • Detailed photo instructions and drawings, including English translations
  • Patterns and cloth for the sail sewing
This special edition model contains pear wood trim, pre-sewn sails, and the Yawl kit MK0103

Scale: 1:72

Length 16.5″ (420mm)
Width 6.9″ (175mm)
Height 16.5″ (420mm)

Please note that due to the delicate nature of the pearwood planking in this “Special Edition” kit, and the presence of laser-etched simulated nails, this kit is recommended only for Experienced builders.


Photo instruction [current update from 24.09.2019] [pdf]
Text instructions [current update from 29.08.2019] [pdf]
Rigging table (current)[pdf]
Rigging table (old version before 09/24/2019) [pdf]
Drawings (patterns) of sails [pdf]
List of important changes regarding previously printed instructions / issued kits, corrected in new versions [pdf]

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