Swift Entry Level Combo




Swift Entry Level Combo

This early 19th century Virginia pilot boat was the predecessor of the famous “Baltimore Boats”. this original type was extensively used by the British Consul to carry dispatches, and was later formally taken into the British Navy.

Artesania Latina’s kit features pre-cut plywood keel section and frames and double planked hull.


Eyelets, bracers, belaying pins and cabin door hinges are brass. Accurate plans and pictorial instructions make building easy.

Length 21″ / Height 18″ / Scale 1:50

Swift Entry Level Combo Includes:

  1. AL22110
  2. Deluxe Hobby and Craft Tool Kit
  3. 2 Reference BOoks
  4. Form-A-Strip
  5. Appropriate Paint Set for Model
  6. Set of Brushes
  7. 1/2 oz. medium glue

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina