Length 43″
Height 39″
Scale 1:78

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Sovereign of the Seas Built by King Charles I in 1637, the Sovereign of the Seas was larger and more powerful than any other ship of her time. She sailed with 800 men, and her 104 guns could fire a broadside of more than a ton of metal. For 60 years no enemy could sink her. Then a cook left a candle burning in his cabin and she was consumed by fire.

Mantua’s kit is every bit as magnificent as the original. Authentic detailing includes 675 solid bronze ornamental pieces to adorn her stern, decks and hull — each cast individually by the lost wax method. The hull is double-planked in basswood and walnut, and all wooden parts are laser cut for a perfect fit.

Blocks and deadeyes are pre-finished walnut.

Other fittings are brass, copper and cast white metal.

You’ll arm your vessel with 102 burnished metal cannon, and rig her with several diameters of seized cotton line.

Eight sheets of plans are accompanied by a comprehensive instruction book.

Length 43″ / Height 39″ / Scale 1:78.

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