Scale: 1:72
Length 23.2″ (590mm)
Width 8.6″ (220mm)
Height 17.3″ (440mm)

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Phoenix Brigantine- Plus 12 cannon brigantine squadron F.F.Ushakova

Cruiser Vessel 12 gun brigantine ‘Phoenix’ became part of the Black Sea Fleet in 1787.  The crew included 52 people.  It participated in the war with Turkey in 1787-1791.  In 1788, as part of the squadron of Rear Admiral Count M.I. Voinovich, it went to sea in search of the enemy and took part in the battle near the island of fidonisi.  In 1789, as part of the detachments and squadrons, repeatedly went to sea in search of Turkish ships.  It then participated in the war with France, 1798-1800, where it was used as a transport ship.  In November 1798, this ship went to Sebastapol to Corfu with the provisions of the squadron of Vice Admiral F.F. Ushakov.

This Phoenix Brigantine- Plus kit includes:

  • All hull planking and details are laser cut
  • Double Planking
  • Marked bevel on frames
  • A special hull design that compensates the materials’ deformation
  • Detailed photo instructions and drawings, including English translations
  • Patterns and cloth for the sail sewing (pre-made sails set available separately)
  • Sails not included
This “Plus Edition” kit includes the 95mm Ship’s Boat kit MK0101 and special pear wood blocks.
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Length 23.2″ (590mm)
  • Width 8.6″ (220mm)
  • Height 17.3″ (440mm)

Photo instruction [pdf, 6 mb]
Text instruction (updated on 20.01.2013) [pdf]
Rigging table [pdf]
Drawings (patterns) of sails [pdf]

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