Scale: 1:16
Length: 33.5″
Width: 12.4″

Nordstrand Trawler Yacht

The Nordstrand Trawler Yacht is a modern trawler yacht, the original of which originates from a Dutch shipyard. With its wide displacement hull, it has a beautiful driving picture on the water, which always impresses, the Nordstrand is not slow and is very agile. The 1:16 scale model has taken over the good handling characteristics of the original.

The components of Nordstrand are mainly made of deep-drawn ABS plastic of the best quality, which makes assembling simple and enjoyable. High fitting accuracy makes this model also a success experience for the beginner. Nevertheless, in the large trunk, there is a great deal of design possibility for additional functions.

The kit contains all the deep drawn ABS parts, punched ABS and plywood parts, as well as all fittings for the many pictured details such as window frames, fenders and lifejackets. A detailed construction plan 1: 1 and a precise construction manual with many tips and hints for beginners are also included.

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