Lobster Boat by Bluejacket


Length 21 1/2″
Scale 3/4″=1′


Lobster Boat (1:19.2 Scale)

Built for working the unpredictable waters of the Gulf of Maine, along an unforgiving, rockbound coast. The high wave cutting bow and long roomy cockpit is the seaworthy result of decades of design adjustments based upon hard experience. BlueJacket’s lobster boat represents a typical working boat, in its simplicity and absence of frills. The intermediate to advanced builder will delight in the extra materials and plans that are included-lobster traps, buoys, a bait tank, and a lobster storage box-as well as everything necessary to build an honest to goodness “Down East” lobster boat.

Bluejacket’s Lobster Boat is a plank-on-bulkhead model kit featuring laser-cut basswood parts and wide planking strip woods. Wood is basswood with mahogany trim parts. Fittings are cast Britannia metal with some brass parts for propeller shaft, scuppers, rudderpost, etc. This model kit also includes a kit for making a pair of lobster traps. 3 sheets of plans, a planking booklet and an instruction book in english, round out this large kit.

Scale: 5/8″ = 1′ (1:19.2)

Length: 21.5″

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Weight 5 lbs


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