Lighthouses of the world


Dover Original. 32 pages

Lighthouses of the world

Coloring book fans and admirers of those lonely sentinels by the sea will treasure this ready-to-color collection of 30 authentic lighthouses from ancient days to the present. Included are accurate depictions of the ancient Pharos light in Alexandria, Egypt (one of the Seven Wonders of the World); a 2,000-year-old Roman lighthouse in England; the Bugio light off the Portuguese coast built in 1775; an early 18th-century pillared construction in Riga, Latvia; and 26 other sturdy structures, among them: Cloch Point, Scotland (1797); Green Point in Cape Town, South Africa (1824); Biscayne Bay, United States (1825); Europa Point, Gibraltar (1841); Farewell Spit on Golden Bay, New Zealand (1897); Fastnet Rock in West Cork, Ireland (1906); and Brockton Point in Vancouver, Canada (1915). Extensive captions accompany the detailed drawings, citing location, and historical data for each lighthouse.

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