Length 43″
Scale 1:75

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Built in 1708, the third rate french ship Le Superbe was 143 feet long, with a beam of over 40 feet. At 1,029 tons, she carried adequate provisions to remain at sea with a crew of more than 600 men for up to six months.

King Charles was so impressed by her majestic size and beautiful ornamentation that he ordered Dean (England’s foremost naval architect) to copy her lines and design.

Mantua’s kit is double plank on bulkhead.All wooden parts are laser cut for trouble free assembly. The complete fittings package includes wooden blocks and deadeyes, 74 machine turned brass cannon, cast metal ports and figure head and numerous photo engraved brass decorative pieces.

Also, there are several diameters of cotton line for standing and running rigging and silk flags.

Excellent plans and instructions are included also.

Length 43″ / Scale 1:75.

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