Scale 1:16
Length 620mm

Lancia Armata (Armed Launch)

This wooden model ship kit is an exact reproduction of a 10 meter long armed launch, which was used by the different navies during the 19th century.

These launches were armed with naval guns of different calibre and type; in the bow section a cannon or carronade was installed while in the stern two more light, small cannons were placed to be aimed by hand.  Usually, these boats were employed in coastal patrols or in escort services but, also demonstrated their wartime capacity in surprise actions attacking craft in difficulty or anchored or at roadstead. Due to their remarkable manoeuvrability, they were also in great numbers employed during landing actions, preceding the main fleet which moved slower and was more vulnerable.

This is a very detailed kit with brass cannon barrels, and lots of detail parts. This is a plank-on-bulkhead model, but because it’s an open boat, it is finished with three layers of planking, with the bulkheads specially designed to be removed after the outer planking is completed. Lots of quality woods are included in addition to wooden blocks and wood and metal fittings, flag and sail material. An optional pre-sewn sail is available (Mantua Panart item #34022).

Scale 1:16
Length 24.6″
Heigh 18″

This kit is recommended for intermediate to advanced ship modelers only.

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