Scale 1:98
Length 760mm

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La Couronne 778 Scale 1:98 Length 760mm.

La Couronne was an emblematic flagship of the French Navy built in 1636 by Cardinal de Richelieu. She was built in accordance to Richelieu’s plans to renew the French Navy, after a series of ships built by the Dutch.

This is a standard plank on frame construction wooden model ship kit, there are building plans with good details. All wooden parts are laser cut. Fittings include wooden blocks and deadeyes, 74 machine turned brass cannon, cast metal ports and figure head and many photo engraved brass decorative pieces. There are many diameters of cotton line for standing and running rigging and silk flags.

Scale: 1:98
Length: 43.0 inches
Height: 37.0 inches

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