La Couronne 1:50 Scale



Length 32″ / Height 24″ / Scale 1:50.

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La Couronne 1:50 Scale was built in 1636. Cardinal Richelieu personally supervised her decoration and fitting out. Her ornamentation was designed and created by the most famous craftsmen of the day, and she was known as France’s first Great Ship.

Corel’s La Couronne 1:50 Scale kit is double plank-on bulkhead with the planking being done in limewood and walnut. Ornamentation including figurehead, stern lanterns, etc., are gilded metal.

Included are 64 brass cannons and many other solid brass fittings. Other wooden parts such as masts, and deck are from Tanganyika, beech, mahogany and maple.

Length 32″ / Height 24″ / Scale 1:50.

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