J.S. Elcano by Constructo


Scale: 1:205
L: 23 in
H: 12.25 in
W: 5 in


J.S. Elcano

A school ship for the Spanish navy, this 4-masted brig-schooner was built in the Echevarrieta shipyard and launched in Cadiz on March 5, 1927. It’s first voyage across the ocean was around the world, following Magellan’s route in the opposite direction. The Elcano has also participated in countless reviews and regattas over the course of its long history, leaving a clear record of its seafaring gifts. Among its main achievements , the 1964 Lisbon Bermudas transatlantic regatta stands out, along with one in 1966 between the Bermudas and Newport or the 1992 Colon Great Regatta.

Easy to build, comes with instructions, tools, paint, glue and brush. Solid wooden hull

Scale: 1/205
Length: 22.8″ (58 cm)
Height: 12.2″ (31 cm)
Width: 4.9″ (12.5 cm)

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 24 × 12 in



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