Length 31-1/2″/ Height 27″/Scale 1:64

HMS Pegasus 1:64 Scale

HMS Pegasus was the sixth of 25 Swan Class ship rigged sloops ordered by the Admiralty between 1766 and 1780. Built at Sheerness Dockyard, Pegasus was launched on December 27th, 1776. A sister ship to HMS Fly, she was sleek-hulled and carried a wealth of carvings and decorations.

Her armament consisted of 14 cannon and 16 swivel guns. After an operational career of less than a year, she foundered off the coast of Newfoundland on October 31, 1777.

Amati’s HMS Pegasus 1:64 Scale kit is based on original plans still in existence. Plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser cut wooden parts throughout. Original ornamentation is faithfully reproduced, and includes photo-etched brass sheets for window frames, deadeye strops, footrope stirrups, gunport scuttles, hinges and other fine detail.

Brass cannon rest on wooden carriages. Copper hull plating is so accurate that there is a left and right side to every plate to avoid protruding nail heads. Kit also contains a flag set and sailcloth, should you wish to rig your model with main sails.

Full sized plans and illustrated instructions take you through every stage of construction.

Length 31-1/2″/ Height 27″/Scale 1:64

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