HMS Endeavour by Constructo



Length 30-1/2″ / Height 25-1/2″ / Scale 1:60

HMS Endeavour 1:60 Scale

The Endeavour was a bark made of English oak with a reinforced structure. It was prepared to accommodate a group of astronomers and scientists accompanying the expedition for the main purpose of observing the transit of Venus across the sun, an event due to happen in June 1769 and which was supposed to be visible from the island of Tahiti.

On August 26, 1768 Lieutenant James Cook set sail from Plymouth, England in the refitted supply ship Endeavour. On this expedition he discovered Australia and mapped New Zealand, Tahiti, and the Society Islands. By the end of the voyage Cook had boundless faith in the Endeavour, advising the Admiralty that no other type of vessel should be used to explore distant lands.

Constructo’s HMS Endeavour 1:60 Scale kit features plank-on-bulkhead construction with high quality pre-cut wooden parts. Sapelly wood hull planking. Brass parts such as the sail rings, bells, eye bolts, deadeyes, guns and gun wheels, anchor cat holes, nails and more. Cast iron anchors, culverins, winch wheels, windows and ornaments, stern figures, cleats, ship’s wheel and gunports. Light and dark gray cotton thread for rigging. Cotton cloth with patterns for all sails. Cotton British flag set. All wood construction features Ayous, Ramin, Boxwood, Mukaly, Sapelly and Manzonia. Also includes a wooden stand trimmed with Ayous and Sapelly woods. Five sheets of plans, parts list and English instructions with color photos of each stage of assembly help you build a faithful replica.

Length 30-1/2″ / Height 25-1/2″ / Scale 1:60

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