High Speed Precision Drill Set




High Speed Precision Drill Set Carbon steel set of 20 high speed steel twist drills, sizes 61-80 (0390″-.0135″). Plastic cover, numbered location for each drill.

Drill sizes: 61=.039″ or .9906mm, 62=.038″ or .9652mm, 63=.037″ or .9398mm, 64=.036″ or .9144mm, 65=.035″ or .889mm, 66=.033″ or .8382mm, 67=.032″ or .8128mm, 68=.031″ or .7874mm., 69=.0292″ or .74168mm, 70=.028″ or .7112mm, 71=.026″ or .6604mm, 72=.025″ or .635mm, 73=.024″ or .6096mm, 74=.0225″ or .5715mm, 75=.021″ or .5334mm, 76=.02″ or .508mm, 77=.018″ or .4572mm, 78=.016″ or .4064mm, 79=.0145″ or .3683mm, 80=.0135″ or .3429mm

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