CSS Neuse shallow draft ram


  • FM19226
  • 1/192 scale
  • 12″ long
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The 1/192 scale (12 long) CSS Neuse shallow draft ram is a VERY easy to construct multi-media model. The kit features resin and cast parts, decal flag, photo etch parts, computer illustrated instructions.

The CSS Neuse, a relatively small ironclad ram, like her sister ship Albemarle, was designed to operate and maneuver in shallow river waters. The design exception to Albemarle was the addition of more gun ports to increase her angle of fire. She was built by White Hall (now Seven Springs) N.C. A lack of iron for armor and a Union raid in December 1862 delayer her construction and resulted in the first of the wood deck Confederate ironclads. She was launched on March 1863 and towed to Kingston on April 22, 1864 for final fitting.

The Neuse was then taken back up river on May, 1864. Shelled by Union forces while under construction on December 16, 1862 delayed her joining the Confederate fleet until April 1864 when she was commissioned. While attacking New Berne, she ran aground below Kingston on March 1864.

The Neuse was re-floated and taken back up river on May 1864, where she shelled Union troops before being burned to prevent capture on March 12, 1865. The Neuse’ hull was raised in 1964 and was put on display at the museum in Kingston, NC. In 1966, rising river waters due to hurricane Fran reached the hull of the Neuse and caused some damage, resulting in her relocation to a new facility above the floodplain.


Flagship Models

Flagship Models

Flagship Models

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 13 × 6 in