• AL22125
  • 1:35 Scale
  • 18.70” (475 mm) long
  • 14.76” (375 mm) high
  • 4.52” (115 mm) wide.


Renewed in 2022, wooden ship model kit of the traditional Dutch fishing boat Botter at 1:35 scale. With the purchase of this miniature replica, you will be happy about its improved and precise building experience.


Discover the fishing boat Botter, wooden model of this traditional Dutch ship. These boats sailed for centuries on the shallow coastal waters of the Zuiderzee Sea. The crew, usually between 2 and 4 men, used to keep the catches alive in a nursery located in the center of the ship. The Zuiderzee was a large inland sea to the north of the Netherlands.

The completion in 1932 of a large dam divided it into two, creating a large inland saltwater lake called Ijsselmeeer and adding the rest of the old inland sea to the Frisian Sea.

After this division no new Botters were built, and the wood and the sails were replaced by steel and motor propulsion. An association for Botter preservation keeps several of them in their original state.


Build your 1:35 scale model kit of Botter, a traditional fishing boat from the island of Marken. Its construction using a false keel and frames brings the assembly of the model closer to the construction of the real ship. Now, enjoy its improved assembly experience, much more enjoyable and easier! Everything fits perfectly on this wonderful naval miniature. For modelers with an intermediate level of skills.

The model ship kit contains high-precision laser-cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and hand-sewn cotton sails ready to be placed. In addition, it now includes a bonus: a beautiful wooden exhibition base to build with the name plate of the Botter fishing boat.

For its assembly, you can follow our new and precise guide step-by-step… On video and DVD for computer -PC & MAC-! Our modelers have built the model by recording the assembly of each part with their cameras. In this way, it is much easier. The kit does not contain printed instructions. Remember that you can only watch all the video instructions for free by clicking here on our YouTube channel or on the video below. Once it is built, this faithful miniature replica of the Dutch fishing boat Botter measures 18.70” (475mm) length, 4.52” (115mm) width and 14.76” (375mm) height.

The kit does not include printed instructions. 

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 12 in


Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina