• Di20142
  • Scale: 1/50
  • Length: 22-13/16″
  • Height: 13-3/8″
  • Beam: 5-3/16″

Atunero Del Cantabrieo (1:50 Scale)

It is the biggest of the classic wooden fishing vessels in the Cantabrian sea, with tonnage beetwen 100 and 200 Moor- son tons (1 Moorson ton = 2,83 m3), and length beetwen 24 to 30 m. In spite of its name, the tuna vessel is an incredibly versatile boat, capable of fishing many types of fish species using different styles of artisan fishing techniques. It had no limits within its operating range, being able to travel wherever fishing is allowed (Dakar, Newfoundland, Gran Sol waters,etc…). The crew use to be 15 or 16 men.

Disar’s amazing models come with precision laser cut sheets along with wood of the highest quality. These models come with intricate metal, rubber, and wooden fittings to decorate these ships with life-like realism. For the ease of assembly, Disar provides step by step photo instructions with text to help for every picture.

Scale: 1/50
Length: 22-13/16″
Height: 13-3/8″
Beam: 5-3/16″

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