Altair Schooner by Constructo


  • CON80710
  • Scale: 1: 67
  • L: 23.25 in
  • H: 21.25 in
  • W: 3.5 in

Altair Schooner Yacht

Altair, the benchmark yacht built in 1931 by William Fife III at Fairlie, Scotland on the Clyde estuary. It is not a regatta yacht, but was commissioned and built as a cruising yacht. William Fife was 75 years old when he designed the Altair for Capt. Guy H. MacCaw who wanted to visit the southern seas, although the boat didn’t go past the Bay of Biscay while it belonged to him. It also stayed close to the British coast with her next owner, Walter Runciman, however under her subsequent owner William Green-Smith, she eventually got the chance to sail the southern seas. A Portuguese kept it for two seasons before selling her to a Spaniard, Miguel Sans Mora, who made her his personal yacht for 34 years. Restored by Southampton Yacht Service in 1987, it was Albert Obrist, a Swiss, who commissioned the restoration on the condition that the original model was kept to as closely as possible.

Altair, 1/67 scale schooner yacht kit in wood and metal. Construction traditional plank-on-bulkhead style. Presented in a luxury box with all components classified and sorted for easy location. With a detailed instruction manual with step by step photos of the whole process of assembly. Plan is also included with all views and details necessary for construction.

Scale 1:67
Length: 21.3″ (540 mm)
Height: 23.2″ (590 mm)
Width: 3.5″ (90 mm)

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