Alex Steam Engine by Krick


drilling 10 mm
Stroke 14 mm
Length of base plate 180 mm


Alex Steam Engine

PN: KR22300
The oscillating steam engines are the result of many years of experience in model ship construction with steam engine drives. This experience has enabled Krick to find the ideal combination of original optics, absolute reliability, high power yield and maximum safety. The steam engine series the offer is a result of several trial runs and many practical tests.

The Alex steam engine is the slim version for smaller and narrower types of ships. It is available as a vertical or horizontal boiler variant and easily drives ship models weighing up to approx. 10 kg.

The machines and boiler plants are completely assembled and painted, which helps to deliver the plants carefully checked and adjusted. The scope of supply includes the machine with adjustable oiler and reversing valve for forward/reverse and speed, the boiler with safety valve, water level indicator, manometer and steam shut-off valve, the chimney with exhaust pipe, the gas burner with line and the exhaust steam condenser as well as the cladding strips for the boiler cladding and all connecting lines.

Technical Specifications:
drilling 10 mm
Stroke 14 mm
Length of base plate 180 mm
Total width 90 mm
Boiler- 70 mm
Boiler height 130 mm
total height 250 mm
Weight 1580 g
Shaft- 4 mm
Shaft height 12mm

Made in Germany

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in