80 Ft. Elco PT Boat by Bluejacket


  • BJ-K1005
  • Length 20″ / Scale 1/4″
  • Solid hull kit
  • Intermediate or advanced builders.

80 Ft. Elco PT Boat

John Kennedy’s PT-109 is the one we all remember, but over 800 PT Boats were built. These sleek and deadly wooden boats served in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters. BlueJacket’s kit is designed by author and model builder Dr. Al Ross, and portrays a typical 1942 – 80′ Elco PT Boat.

This kit is recommended for intermediate to advanced builders.

You should determine in advance whether to use a gray paint scheme for the European theater or green camouflage for Pacific island hopping, because the construction method involves painting each sub-assembly before putting the whole boat together.

This is a solid hull kit with a large number of very small parts, and delicate detailing is required.

It is recommended for intermediate or advanced builders.

Length 20″ / Scale 1/4″

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