Fittings: Fitting-out, or outfitting, is the process in shipbuilding that follows the float-out of a vessel and precedes sea trials. It is the period when all the remaining construction of the ship is completed and readied for delivery to her owners.

In Model ship building fitting, Fitting-out, also known as “outfitting”, is the process of adding the final details and finishing touches to a model ship kit. This is an important step in model shipbuilding as it brings the ship to life and gives it its unique character. The process of fitting-out can be broken down into several stages, each requiring precision, patience, and attention to detail.

The first step in Fittings is to prepare the hull. This involves sanding and smoothing any rough edges or imperfections in the wood. The hull is then painted in the desired color, usually the traditional black or red for historic ships. Next, the ship’s name and any other identifying markings are added using decals or painted on by hand.

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0.5x10mm Limewood Strips