Cordless Foam Cutter


• Includes two 60mm tips:

  • Pin tip (1.2mm) 12W - foam sculpture & detailing
  • Blade tip (5mm) 20W - carving & cutting

• LED light for illumination of work
• Built-in rechargeable battery - up to 70mins continuous run time
• On/Off switch and safety cap

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Modelcraft Cordless Foam Cutter

Convenient powerful foam cutter that heats quickly, creating fast clean precision cuts. Specially designed tip structure cuts smoothly without burning.

Ideal for model and prop building, scenery, art, craft, stencils, signs, displays & DIY projects.

Includes two interchangeable pin & blade foam cutting tips, perfect for cutting and contouring foam, polystyrene, styrofoam, foam core board & insulation foam.

Lightweight, portable and easy to handle, with no more cables in the way you can work with ease in any situation.

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