USS Constitution 1:82 Scale



Length 43 1/2"/Height 30 1/2"/Width 15"/Scale 1:82

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A magnificent scale reproduction of the USS Constitution, which was built in 1797. Various types of wood are used including: Sapelly, Ayous, Manzonia, Mukaly and Anatolia.

Brass parts include: nails, hinges, shafts, eye-bolts, carronades, bell, and more.

Metal anchors, belaying cleats, steering wheels and more.

Wooden deadeyes, channels, grating strips, pin racks and more! Black and beige yarn.

Cotton sails and self-adhesive USA flag fabric. Ornamental border and decorations.

Large, easy-to-follow plans and simplified pictorial instructions that illustrate every phase of construction (instruction booklet is in 7 different languages).

Length 43 1/2"/Height 30 1/2"/Width 15"/Scale 1:82

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