Karl und Marie


Scale: 1:40 Length: 31.30 inches Beam: 5.71 inches Height: 22.83 inches.

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The Karl and Marie is a typical Baltic Sea galley, as was often seen around the turn of the century. These small galleys of 15 to 20 meters in length served mainly to transport goods along the coast. They had a schratsegel and a wide hull very typical for freighters for a lot of loader space and good-natured sailing behavior. The modular kit of Karl and Marie was specially developed for the novice in the history of shipbuilding. However, the finished model does not look like an initial ship. The reason for this is in the particularly detailed building instructions. The model builder is not spared any particularly difficult work here, but is explained in detail, so that the construction is fun and leads to success for everyone who is a little bit of craftsmanship and patience. The frames, keel and many other parts are cut out with a laser beam. The planks for the upper and lower hull of the fuselage are of a selected quality and can easily be bent. The fitting set contains the. many finished parts such as blocks, donkey heads, rudder wheel are much more. The construction plan together with the building instructions is particularly rich in overall views ,. Individual and perspective sketches. No part that can not be found on the plan. A detailed construction plan is the most important tool for successful construction, especially for the beginner. Technical specifications: Scale 1:40 Overall length 797 mm Width 145 mm Rump length 490 mm Height 580 mm Double planking

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