Wasa 1:75 Scale



Length 35" /Height 27" / Scale 1:75

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During the 17th century the King of Sweden commissioned his country's finest warship. On her maiden voyage in 1628 the Wasa was sunk, not by enemy cannon, but by a storm. In 1956 the Swedish government located and raised her.

Completely restored, she now rests in the Stockholm Naval Museum.

Following the restoration plans of the original, Corel's Wasa 1:75 Scale kit accurately recreates every detail. Over 350 sculptured parts of gilded metal provide ornamentation. Fittings are walnut, beech, copper and brass. The 64 cannon aboard are machine turned brass. Hull is double-planked in basswood and walnut. All structural parts of poplar, Tanganyika and walnut are pre-cut for easy assembly.

Included are nine sheets of plans and step-by-step instructions.

Length 35" /Height 27" / Scale 1:75

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