Half Moon 1:50 Scale


SM 18

Length 21" / Height 21" / Scale 1:50.

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This is the ship Henry Hudson was captaining in 1609 when he was trying to find a North-West passage to Asia when he discovered a bay into which a river 500km long drained. After sailing up the river, Hudson took possession in the name of the Dutch government, baptizing it the North or Maurice River in honor of the Prince of Nassau.

Corel's Half Moon 1:50 Scale model is plank-on-bulkhead and features pre-cut wood components in poplar, mahogany, walnut, Tanganyika limewood and beech. Brass and gilded metal fittings are excellent, and the decorative strips along the bow and stern are inlaid wood.

Length 21" / Height 21" / Scale 1:50.

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