HMS Victory Bow Section 1:78 Scale


Length 12 1/2" / Height 20' / Scale 1:78

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Mantua Model welcomes you to a new dimension in modeling! Most of us concentrate on hull shape, rigging and the external details of the ship we're modeling. Mantua's kit invites us to travel back in time to observe life on the lower decks of the H.M.S. Victory.

We see the crew sleeping in hammocks suspended above the cannon, or taking their meals by the dim light of the oil lamps.

But we don't have to imagine how the ship was built or what it looked like below the main deck.

Mantua's Bow Section is a faithful replica that follows original construction methods. The hull is double planked, then covered to the waterline with individual copper plates. All wooden parts are laser cut.

Cannon and carronades are machine turned brass.

Intricately detailed figurehead and other ornamentation are cast bronze.

Additional items are fine hardwood fittings, three diameters of cotton rigging, and a wooden display cradle.

Well drawn plans and good instructions ensure a beautiful and exciting model.

Length 12 1/2" / Height 20' / Scale 1:78.

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