Dos Amigos


Length 35-1/2" / Height 26-1/2" / Width 13" / Scale 1:53

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The American slaver Dos Amigos was built around 1830. Like other Baltimore clippers, she was small and fast with a long, narrow hull. She measured 83 feet on deck and carried a single 32-pounder carronade. Captured off the coast of Africa by the British brig Black Joke (a former slaver herself) and taken into the Royal Navy, she was renamed Fair Rosamond used in the suppression of the slave trade. She continued to serve the Royal Navy until she was sold off in 1845.

OcCre spares no expense to recreate this historic ship in authentic detail.

Wooden parts are laser cut for easy assembly and the hull is double planked. A large array of fittings includes ready-to-use hardwood blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, belaying pins and rings.

Other parts, such as anchor, bell, carronade and ammunition are precision cast Brittania metal. Cotton rigging comes in several diameters and a full complement of sails is pre-sewn and ready to mount. Detailed plans and photographically illustrated instructions show every stage of construction.

Length 35-1/2" / Height 26-1/2" / Width 13" / Scale 1:53

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