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Length 19.29"/Height 5.71"/Width 4.92"/Scale 1:20

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Even though this boat is known as a "Monterey," the design of this craft originated in San Francisco Bay, California, (90 miles from Monterey). This boat was built at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and was given the nickname "Monterey".

The immigrant Italian or Sicilian craftsman in San Francisco Bay, patterned the "Monterey" after the Mediterranean Lateen Sail Felucca, with modifications to accept a gas engine, so this is a true California, USA creation!

These boats were "built by eye," no plans used, the craftsmen simply started with a general double ended design, with an ample beam, clipper bow, and built the remainder by eye. So, "All Montereys are alike, but no two are the same.

"This 1928 version owned by Angelo Ghio, has all the characteristics of a true "Monterey," as he chose the style of house; stem curvature etc. that he preferred. Several thousand of these boats were built from 1910 to 1950, they proved to be very sturdy (cedar planking) and reliable with much beauty for a work boat!

Billing Boats Monterey 1:20 Scale Kit contains Plans with detailed building instructions in German, English, French, Danish, Italian and Dutch, planked wood hull, decks from wood, plastic and wooden parts to finish the model, stern tube with shaft and propeller.All fittings included.

Length 19.29"/Height 5.71"/Width 4.92"/Scale 1:20.

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