Hard Wire and Cable Cutter


Rated for hardened wire, piano wire and thottle cable. No special technique required. Low cutting effort due to shearing action. Cushioned grip for support.

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Designed for cutting memory wire and other types of hard wire. Also, a great tool for cutting push rods, throttle cable and carbon fiber rods and nichrome wire. Cutting effort is minimal due to the tools' full by-pass shearig action. Rated for cutting hard wire up to 12 AWG (2mm). Type of Tool:- Hard Wire Cutter - Cutter. Project type: - Model Railroading- Jewelry Manufacturing- General Hobbies And Crafts- Electronics- Bead Stringing. Wire size:30-12. Material(s):- Wire- Stainless Steel Wire- Spring Wire- Silver Wire- Radio Control Throttle Cable- Picture Framing Wire- Piano Wire- Nichrome Wire- Music Wire- Memory Wire- Gold Wire- Floral Wire- Bicycle Cable- Annealed Wire- Carbon Fiber Tube- Carbon Fiber Rod

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