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Fairmont Alpine


The dimensions are: Scale 1:75 Length: 100cm (about 39) Height: 45 cm (about 18) Width: 24 cm (about 9.5)

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The Dutch SuperTug, #506 Fairmount Alpine kit can be static or converted to R/C use. It has a wooden hull that is made using laser cut basswood plywood on bulkhead (rather than plank-on-frame). Designed using the most advanced methods, all laser cut wood, and complete with all fittings. This model boat kit is visually stunning when completed with vibrant colours and exquisite detail. The build of this kit may be seen on our Helpful Links section (home page on lower right of page) that was done by Dirk Berserk of Canada. It is a YouTube video link and his work is just fantastic! Please note that although the laser wood cutting is incredibly accurate and close, there are LOTS of laser wood parts, including some quite small. The average build time we have with this model is in excess of 400 hours.

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