Battle Station 1:23 Scale


Length 10-1/4" / Width 9-3/4" / Height 7" / Scale 1:23

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Recreate the second gun deck of an 1815 British ship of the line with every detail intact. Kit features two 4" long machine turned brass cannon on walnut carriages. Fuse buckets, shot cartridges, plugs, mess tins, tables and benches, gun powder and water barrels - - even the ladles are all here. Most wooden parts are walnut. Others are pine, maple and beech, and all are laser cut. Fittings are cast metal and turned brass. Rigging line plus cloth and netting for the hammocks and nets are also included. Two sheets of plans and instruction book make this easy-to-build kit a delightful addition to any ship modeler's collection.

Length 10-1/4" / Width 9-3/4" / Height 7" / Scale 1:23.

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