St. Canute 1:50 Scale



Length 22.05"/Height 16.54"/Width 6.1"/Scale 1:50

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Built in 1931, the St. Canute sailed for many years as a tugboat and icebreaker in the Odense Harbor under its original name of St. Kund.

After being owned for a number of years by the Exeter Maritime Museum in Devonshire, England, the ship today is owned by Christer Strandell, a Swedish business man, and has been re-named Stockvik.

Billing Boats St. Canute 1:50 Scale kit includes deck sheet and complete fittings are included in brass and plastic. Photo illustrated instructions, and 1:1 plan sheet are also included

We would caution that only well experienced modelers should try this. The hull should be fiberglassed first.

Length 22.05"/Height 16.54"/Width 6.1"/Scale 1:50.

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