Santisima Trinidad Cross Section


Height 33-3/4" / Width 16-1/3" / Scale 1:90

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OcCre’s Santisima Trinidad cross section kit is packed with high quality materials and authentic detail. Wooden parts are laser cut. Hull planking is done in light beechwood and rich African walnut. Decks are also covered with individual planking strips. A rich array of fittings includes wooden grating, blocks and deadyes, carved wooden barrels, brass eyebolts, belaying pins, nails and chain, metal hoops, cleats and gun-ports. No detail has been overlooked – you’ll even get scale ballast! Fourteen brass cannon on burnished metal carriages replicate original armament.

Four diameters of rigging line, pre-sewn and ready-to-mount sails, silk-screened pennants, wooden display base and pedestals complete the kit. Full sized plans feature 2-color rig plan. A booklet of over 100 color photos accompanies clearly written assembly instructions.

Built in Havana in 1769, Santisima Trinidad carried 120 guns on three decks. Badly damaged in the battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1799, she was rebuilt with the addition of a fourth deck and the number of cannon increased to 136, making her the largest ship of her time. In 1805, she sailed into the Battle of Trafalgar with a crew of 1,048 men and her immense 4-decked sides showing the barrels of her formidable guns. The British disabled and captured her during the battle. She sank in a storm the following day, ending her 35-year service to the Spanish Navy.

More Detailed Information About The Santisima Trinidad
The Spanish ship Santísima Trinidad (officially named Santisima Trinidad y Nuestra Señora del Buen Fin) was a first-rate ship of the line of 120 guns (when first built). Her armament was later increased to as many as 144 guns on four decks. For many years she was the biggest warship in the world.

Design & Construction
She was built at Havana, Cuba, to a design by Irish naval architect Matthew Mullan and launched in 1769 as an 120-gun three-decker (some sources say 116 or 112 guns). For many years she was the biggest warship in the world, being considerably larger than her British contemporary Victory and somewhat bigger than the French Bretagne.

In 1795, her forecastle was joined to her quarterdeck to create a fourth deck containing a battery of eight pounder guns, giving her a total of 144 guns. Her armament seems to have been quickly reduced to 130 to 136 guns. Even so, she now carried the largest number of guns of any single ship of her time. As the only ship with four gun decks, she was reputed to be the largest warship in the world, although she had actually been surpassed in sheer size by the new French 120-gun ships such as the Océan and Orient.

The additional weight of guns so high above her waterline made her sail poorly, leading to her nickname, El Poderoso. Santísima Trinidad remains famous as the only four-decker ship of the line ever built; although the British designed one, Duke of Kent, they never built her.

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