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HMS Renown Entry Level Combo


Length 17.72"/Height 5.51"/Width 3.74"/Scale 1:35


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Billing Boats


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This ship is a 50 foot steam pinnace from around the middle of the 19th Century. These boats had a small forecastle, a room for the crew, a boiler room and a cabin.

Above the crew's quarters was a conical steel base with a permanent universal ring on which a 3lb. quick-firing cannon or maxim machine gun could be mounted.

Plank-on-bulkhead construction using Billing Boats step by step half hull at a time method.

Kit includes laser-cut wood parts, planking, complete fittings in brass and plastic, rigging line, decals, illustrated instruction book, modeling hints book and display stand.

Length 17.72"/Height 5.51"/Width 3.74"/Scale 1:35


  1. BB604
  2. Deluxe Hobby and Craft Tool Kit
    2 Reference BOoks
    Appropriate Paint Set for Model
    Set of Brushes
    1/2 oz. medium glue

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