Wasa 1:75 Scale



Length 38.58"/Height 31.1"/Width 7.48"/Scale 1:75

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The Wasa was a three-masted Royal ship launched in 1627. She was 70 meters long, displaced 1400 tons and carried of crew of 133 sailors and 300 soldiers. On its maiden voyage in 1628, the Wasa sank in the Stockholm harbor. Using a primitive diving bell, 53 of the ships 64 cannons were salvaged in 1664. The ship itself was lifted from the sea on April 24, 1961 and is now located in the Wasa Museum which was opened the following year.

Billing Boats Wasa 1:75 Scale kit is a traditional plank-on-bulkhead construction featuring laser-cut parts and single layer planking, Complete fittings in wood, brass and plastic, sail cloth, silk flag, illustrated instruction book and plans. Recommended for the expert moeler

Length 38.58"/Height 31.1"/Width 7.48"/Scale 1:75 .

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