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  • Friesland was a second rank vessel with 80 guns built around 1663, part of the great fleet of the United Provinces of Holland, consisting of 1700 units.

  • The first rank vessel H .M .S .Victory, with 104 guns, was launched at Chatham in 1765. It was in service for a long time under the command of famous admirals. Its name was indissolubly tied to Nelson's in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

  • It was common practice for ship builders to submit models of a proposed ship for approval to the Admiralty Board. The models built for this purpose had no masts or rigging, making the deck space, furnishings and armament layout easy to visualize.

  • A magnificent scale reproduction of the USS Constitution, which was built in 1797. Various types of wood are used including: Sapelly, Ayous, Manzonia, Mukaly and Anatolia.

  • Blue Jacket's newest model, the Charles P. Notman, known as 1, was the first major vessel built at the famed Percey & Small Shipyard (1894), Bath, Maine. She is of a type described as a four masted downeast schooner, 219.3' LOA.

  • First built in the French shipyards in the 1730's, the 74 gun ship was an ideal compromise between power and maneuverability. The British Admiralty began construction of this type of vessel in 1755.Commissioned on December 28, 1757, the H.M.S. Bellona was launched on February 19th, 1760

  • 18th century Brandenburg frigate. Scale 1:40 LEngth 830mm

  • Scale 1:95 Height: 22.3 inches Width: 10.2 inches Length: 37.4 inches

  • Scale 1:100 Length 805mm

  • Constructo's H.M.S. Victory is a fabulous kit and a great value! Plank-on-frame construction uses die-cut wooden structural components and walnut planking strips.

  • This cabin cruiser fishing boat is the most elaborate of all the "Gozzi" designs while preserving all of the original functions of great fishing boats. The cabin offers greater comfort for extended voyages.

  • The original was used for several fisheries along the Norwegian coast (seine, shrimp trawls and industrial fishing).

  • The Calypso was built in the USA in 1942 as a minesweeper. she was bought in 1950 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and after extensive changes and modifications became a fully equipped ocean research vessel, complete with observation chamber, inflatable boat for shallow waters, helicopter

  • The steam powered tug Anteo was built in Italy before WWII. She was incorporated into the Italian Navy during the war, and is still in use today. These tugs were built in large numbers before WWII, and many are still in use in Italian ports.

  • U.S.S. Constitution, American frigate with 54 guns, was launched on 21st of October 1797. It had bigger dimensions, sails and equipment than the contemporary ships of the same class. Its strong construction earned ita's the name of "Old Ironsides".

Showing 1 - 15 of 300 items